Dignity Denver is led by a 5-member board of directors.

Brad C

Job Description: The President of the Board presides at all Membership and Board Meetings. The President has general management powers of DignityDenver.

Vice President
Michael B

Job Description: The Vice-President serves in a replacement capacity for the duties of the Chapter's President when they are unavailable.

Vince S

Job Description: The Treasurer accounts for all dues and other funds, and keeps records of all income and expenditures. The Treasurer manages all financial accounts. Two Officers’ signatures are required for disbursement of funds. The Treasurer has the power to file all appropriate tax forms.

Jim S

Job Description: The Secretary is the custodian of all records and documents relating to the corporate activities of Dignity/Denver. The Secretary shall act in the temporary absence of the Vice-President.

Board Member at Large
Mike M