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Can you be lesbian, gay, bisexual,
transgender, queer or intersex…

…and Catholic?

Yes! Many of us grew up Catholic or otherwise found ourselves in the Catholic tradition. And we also found ourselves GLBTQI. So over 40 years ago, we founded a community here in Denver for people like us. And we've been an advocate for integrating our spirituality and justice ever since.

We celebrate the authentic Catholic Mass with an ordained priest every Sunday. We welcome people of every sexual orientation and gender identity, those who have divorced & remarried, and anyone who has felt excluded from other faith communities. We accept seekers from every faith background.

We welcome the gifts of each person at our door. And we welcome you.


Dignity Denver is celebrating occasional masses during the pandemic. Please contact us for a Zoom link.
You also have the option to join us if you're healthy. We will respect social distance protocols. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MASK.
  1. For the time being, we will no longer gather around the altar during Communion.  And, everyone will be asked to practice 6 foot social distancing when coming and going, and seating themselves in the sanctuary.
  2. We will eliminate reception from the Communion cup. The host will continue to be provided, however.
  3. Our usual practice of holding hands during the singing of the Lord's Prayer will be discontinued.
  4. There will be no handshake of peace, to be replaced by a reverential bow from a distance.
  5. Our Priest and Liturgical Assistant will use hand sanitizer prior to and during the preparation and distribution of the Eucharist. 
  6. A collection basket will not be passed around, but instead will be placed on the table in the narthex.  And, those attending via Zoom are encouraged to mail Dignity Denver a donation!
  7. There will not be a social following Mass.
  8. Finally, there is an automatic door opener to the church.  Everyone is encouraged to use their elbows or the back of their hands to activate it in order to avoid contacting the handles.    
To repeat the obvious, if you do not feel well, or if you feel chills, fatigue, or a cough, then stay home, pamper yourself, and join us via Zoom.  
Words of hope during COVID-19
  1. Illness and disease are not the result of human failings or weakness. They are never  God’s punishment for anyone’s failings or sinfulness. Holy Scriptures, Holy Tradition, and Jesus consistently remind us that our God is a God of life and not of death, a God of hope and not of despair. In this Gospel, Jesus rebukes his disciples. He teaches that illness is never a divine punishment for human sinfulness. 
  2. The coronavirus, COVID-19, is not a sign that the end of the world is near. Throughout the history of Christianity, like today, there have always been false prophets who invoke the name of God and declare that we are entering the “End Times”. With every tragic event in human history, these voices cry out, “The End is Near!”, provoking fear and added anxiety. Jesus reminds us that no one knows when the “heaven and earth will pass away”, that “that day and hour and hour is no one knows, neither the angels of heaven nor the Son, but the Father alone.” Matthew 24:36. Jesus never tried to bring anyone to faithfulness by frightening them. We walk by faith, not by fear. This illness is  not a sign that these are the “End Times” and that world is coming to an end. 
  3. In the Gospel, Jesus reminds us that though physical illness may be a painful mystery that we struggle to understand, there is one thing that is clear. Illness is “so that the works of God may be made visible...” John 9:3. Nurses and doctors, medical assistants and students, family, friends, strangers... everyone who cares for the sick are making visible the merciful heart of God.
Pope Francis has said,
“Mercy is not one dimension among others. It is the center of Christian Life – there is not Christianity without mercy.”
“If all our Christianity does not lead us to mercy, we have taken the wrong path, because mercy is the only true goal of every spiritual journey. It is one of the most beautiful fruits of charity.”
Let us then continue on this Lenten journey, our spiritual journey toward Christ’s resurrection, with renewed strength, deepened faith, increased hope – nurtured and nourished with generous Mercy that makes visible the works of God.


We continue to invite you to become a registered member of Dignity Denver so we may continue our important work for a more-inclusive Church. Applications are available online. The annual membership dues are $50 and a portion goes to Dignity USA. No one will be denied membership for inability to pay dues.